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On this page you can find a variety of content including infographics, videos and more on a range of topics concerning GMOs.

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MYTH vs. FACT: Pesticide Use On GM Crops(JPEG, 260.94KB)

MYTH vs. FACT: GMO Farmers(JPEG, 129.22KB)

SOCIAL TILE: GPS on GMOs - Citrus Greening(JPEG, 407.19KB)

MYTH vs. FACT: Crop Domestication is Genetic Modification(PDF, 3.7MB)

GIF: 5 Ways GMOs Benefit The Environment(GIF, 457.61KB)


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Video: The Life of a Seed


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Scientific Studies

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STUDY: Biotech/GM Crops Surge to a New Peak of 185.1 Million Hectares in 2016
STUDY: Crops that kill pests by shutting off their genes


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Why Organic Advocates Should Love GMOs
Clarifications on Pest infestations in Brazil